The obstetrician-gynecologist told how to overcome the gasket deficit

The expert listed several possible alternatives, and also described the pros and cons of each of them.

The excitement demand for gaskets in March 2022

led to the fact that these hygiene items disappeared from the shelves of some stores, and three times more expensive in online stores. The boom occurred amid news that there are practically no gasket manufacturers in Russia, and imported products will be available limited.

Svetlana Markova, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, head of the gynecological department of the clinic of the FGBU “United Hospital with the clinic” of the Presidential Office of the Russian Federation, talked about what alternatives are possible.


Since they are the most popular alternative, probably, there may also be difficulties with them.

Of the pluses, one can note that they are compact, invisible and hygienic. They do not damage the virgin pleasant, allow you to play sports and swimming, and are also convenient on trips. When using them, the skin in the vulva area is not irritated and allergic reactions do not occur.

Tampons must be carefully selected in size and regularly changed (every 2-3 hours) to prevent toxic shock syndrome.

The introduction of tampons (especially those that do not have an applique) requires thorough observance of hygiene.

They change the vaginal microbiocenosis (natural microflora is disturbed).

They cannot be used in the postpartum period and after surgical interventions on the cervix.

Menstrual bowls

Pros: Economy and environmental friendliness.

Difficulties in extracting and installing bowls,

The introduction of a bowl requires thorough hygiene observance,

Possible trauma of the vaginal mucosa and painful sensations,

you need to choose depending on the volume of the vagina,

You can not use virgins.

Reusable gaskets, panties, tampons

The most secure and physiological means of personal hygiene for a woman are still disposable hygienic gaskets. Reusable gaskets, reusable menstrual panties and reusable tampons raising big questions regarding their sterility, I believe that these products are unacceptable for use.

Combined oral contraceptives

Medicine is developing, and already currently with the help of combined oral contraceptives, blood loss can be reduced during menstruation or even delayed it.

There is a prolonged COK technique according to the following scheme: depending on the appointments of a specialist, a woman takes one tablet for 63 or 84 days in a row, then takes a 7-day break. Thus, menstruation will occur 3-4 times a year. This method is physiological for the female body and reduces the need to use hygienic means.