Can you hide posts on Instagram from certain followers?

After you select the profile you want to manage, a new page will open showing you your options. Instagram lets you choose between deactivating or deleting at this point. The page you’re looking at here includes an explanation of the difference between permanently deleting or deactivating your account. Click View insights under a post in your feed to bring up a pop-up screen showing the total likes, comments, saves, direct message shares, profile visits, and reach. We hope this article has given you an understanding of how to hide and unhide followers on Instagram.

The best way to prevent people from discovering your followers is to decide whom to follow wisely. Do not follow people who will cause problems if they show up on your follower list. If you have followed someone by mistake, then just ‘unfollow’ them by visiting their profile.

If you know when the person you’re trying to hide your post from is active, one strategy is to make the post when they’re offline. Of course, this method is quite flawed, as their active times can change. Not only that, but if the two of you have similar schedules, you may have trouble doing this. If you are about to hide your Instagram post without losing any followers then you should use this method above.

Additionally, you can utilize Instagram’s Close Friends feature to share stories and posts exclusively with a close group to further control over content visibility. However, it’s important to note that this can only be done if your account is set to private, because in private accounts, only approved followers can see your posts. So, removing someone from your followers’ list means you restrict their access to your content. If a user chooses to restrict any individual, all of their future comments will be invisible to the public. This only pertains to comments on posts by the person who restricted them. The user can also choose to approve the comments to make them visible to all users.

  1. They won’t be able to search for you, tag you, or send you messages.
  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your followers on Instagram without making your account private.
  3. You can inspect your list of blocked users to review when to reverse the block status.
  4. Additionally, you should also be aware that while Instagram won’t alert anyone that they’ve been hidden, they will still be able to look through your list and find out.

Now just open and choose the users that you want to hide your future Instagram stories from. This will work when you post a new story on Instagram and the same will not be shown to those people if you restrict the settings. If you want to hide your Instagram story from certain users on this platform, keep reading these easy tips below. If you want to hide a particular post from all Instagram followers and still keep it on the platform, you should archive that post. Then this post is available for only you but to hide from everyone. If you don’t want some people to interact with you in any way or to view content on your profile except the basic info at the top, you should block them.

To hide posts or stories on Instagram, you can unfollow people or restrict them from reaching your content. However, there are some other ways that you can use to do it without losing followers. Instagram is a visual social media platform where you can share your images and videos. Instagram gives you some settings that you can use to control privacy for your posts and stories.

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Understanding Facebook Restricted list is a complex privacy option for users that want to manage how their posts are shown and to whose News Feed. The Close Friends list is for people whose posts you want to see more of, while the Acquaintances list is for people whose posts you want to see less of. No, people won’t know that you’ve hidden your followers list. It will only be visible to you and won’t be visible to anyone else. Hiding your followers gives you a certain amount of privacy and control.

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Additionally, if you’re trying to protect your followers from being targeted, hiding them won’t necessarily be enough. You may need to take additional steps to ensure their safety. Now if someone isn’t following you and you have a private account, then obviously they won’t be able to see your posts. The problem generally occurs when the person is already following you or you have a public account on Instagram. If you want to prevent unregistered people from seeing your messages, you can secretly change your account.

If you want to hide your followers, you’ll need to switch your account to private mode. Once you have completed these steps, your followers list will be visible to anyone who visits your profile. It is important to note that you can always hide your followers list again if you choose to do so. Finally, it’s important to remember that hiding your followers is a permanent action.

Again, after your request goes through, it can take Meta up to 30 days to delete the account and affiliated information permanently. It also is worth noting that it can take up to 90 days for the deletion process to finish after it gets initiated. So if you’re really trying to disappear, it could take a while. Instagram analytics help you understand how your strategy is performing, both on an account and individual post level. And knowing what works (and what doesn’t) is the first step to growing your account and building an engaged following on the platform.

However, the downside is it doesn’t go this way if you want to hide posts from your followers. You can use Instagram Setting to hide your story from some followers. Or you can make a list of some close friends on your Instagram profile, then you will show your story to these close friends and hide it from the rest of your followers.

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Use Hootsuite to see what’s working and where to improve performance. The list will no longer be visible when anyone views your profile. This won’t take effect immediately but it how to hide instagram posts from certain followers should take no longer than 24 hours. We publish tricks, tips, news, reviews, fixes and how-to tutorials on various tech topics including Android, iOS, social media, and more.

This method is recommended if you want to completely delete the person who sees your profile or other employees on your Instagram. Finally, if you genuinely don’t want someone to see your content, the best way is to block the person altogether. You should depend on your target to choose the best way to hide a post from someone on Instagram. Make sure that this method allows you to engage with your contact while keeping your privacy on Instagram.

However, this action won’t affect the user’s account or your overall Instagram experience. It is because Instagram lacks a built-in feature that allows you to hide specific posts from certain individuals in your feed. As a result, anyone who follows you can see everything you post. Yes, you can follow someone and yet hide their posts from appearing on your feed using the Mute feature.

And if you ask a user to send your a story to highlight a story from that use, you’d read such a message. I have good news for you if you wonder how to block people from seeing your Instagram stories because there are actually two good ways to do so. It is true that Instagram does not notify its users when they are blocked on Instagram. But it does not take rocket science to learn if someone blocked you on Instagram. If you prefer using Instagram on your computer (who does that?!), deleting or deactivating your account from a web browser might be easier for you. If you’d rather get your Instagram analytics reports automatically, check out the Instagram analytics built into Hootsuite.