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The other symbols can only be used to get a bonus prize. The Aviator is considered by many as a unique game. On their servers the coefficient grows using a random number generator located on the player’s computer or smartphone.

At the same time, the algorithm for generating coefficients works. If the coefficient is 1x, it means that the aircraft will fly away at the initial coefficient of 1x. But if the coefficient is 2x, it means that the aircraft will fly away at a coefficient of 2x.

The AI will not be so greedy that it would deprive itself of a big win. The online casino offers many types of bonuses. The player can choose the bonus type according to his own interests. In addition to the normal bonuses, the player can receive a bonus of 10 times the bonus in the spin. However, to receive the bonus, the player must not withdraw any bonuses already received by the player.

Unleash Slot Magic

From you can play the online free version of the Aviator slot for free. Once the game is started, the player wins without any deposit, without any limits on the game, and without any round numbers. The only restriction is that you cannot use the free version of the Aviator slot to deposit more than 500$.

  • If you want to play, you can bet up to 1000 euros per round.
  • The promotion Aviator for free is dedicated to the new website BetSoft, which was created in 2013.
  • As a result, on average the coefficient increases by about 1x every round.
  • The game is available for you to play on your browser.
  • If the coefficient is 1, the plane will fly away.

The odds are determined by a random coefficient and are displayed on the screen. The result of the round always depends on the coefficient, and the multiplier of this coefficient is displayed on the screen. At the end of the round, the results of all players who did not redeem bets are displayed. If you pay off your bet, then the results become available. Aviator of the casino and the casino of the standard do not allow the use of third-party tools to verify the integrity of the game.

Aviator: Your Key to Fun

You can compete with other players and try to beat their performance. Make sure to see all the Aviator features for free, while playing in demo mode. Especially worth to pay attention to, is that all the Aviator features are available in the demo mode! The game can be played both at a fixed rate of 1x multiplier or at the rate of 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x or 3x. The final result is based on the ratio of the coefficient of the last round and the bet multiplier.

The loss is equal to the bet multiplied by 5x. If you win, then the winnings are equal to the bet multiplied by 10x. The game is similar to Roulette, so to speak. Aviator, please tell us about it in the comments below.

The Jackpot Chase

If you are more interested in the slot machines, then you can choose this game instead. In this case, every round will be split into two separate ones. The first round is dedicated to the growth of a multiplier, and the second round is dedicated to the growth of a single payout.

  • So, the game is not very fair, but it is fun.
  • The key point here is how to stop the rise at the right moment and not overdo the rate.
  • To play this game, it is necessary to make a decision.
  • Which brings us to the key question: what is the probability of winning in the game?

Cash Out at the moment the plane stops flying is not allowed. For more information you can see The generated result of the game is a 3-star score. The Aviator game is a simple game and quite easy to play.

Aviator: Your Adventure Awaits

The algorithm allows the casino to create a random number generator that is independent of the software on the server. The best place to download the free trial version of the Aviator Spire game is online casino Playtech. After the trial, the player can register in real time and start enjoying the provably fair Aviator Spire! The Aviator Algorithm is also available to you in the form of a Javascript library, available for download from the developer’s website. The file is compatible with any browser and the loading time is about 0.5 seconds.

This system allows the players to win at different rates and also gives them the possibility to play the game for the fun of it. The main task for the players is to guess the coefficient at which the plane will fly away. The player wins every time he guesses the correct coefficient. If the player guesses incorrectly, he will have no winnings.

All the aspects of the round are completely transparent, and everyone knows what each participant has done. The game has a built-in bit of randomness that is impossible to cheat. The Aviator online game will not become instantly rich.

  • It is no secret that online casinos are more and more popular among players of all types.
  • The bonus round allows you to get free money for free!
  • Sometimes you may need help, and the Help button will help you.
  • The risk of a crash will be taken care of by the Random Number Generator.
  • If you are looking for such a game, then you should definitely select Aviator.

But not every player is able to place such a bet. It is necessary to have a deposit account at the casino. Also, the player should set the number of bets before the round starts. Aviator and functionality of the game and to see for yourself how much fun the game is.

Win Big with Slot Spins

In addition to the wheel, three special features are available: As for the statistics, the first round is usually 1x. But if your betting is successful, you will find yourself in very good company. The Aviator Spire by Casino is a very good casino game which you can enjoy while playing for free. This is a casino game that will allow you to feel like a risky pilot, and your earnings depend on the height you manages to lift the plane.

  • If you choose chips, you will need to have the credit on your account.
  • Additional information on the minimum bet is available in the help section of the software.
  • In order to place your bet, you need to click the play button in the table.
  • After a buyback, you will see the statistics of the game as a whole and your account balance.

Because the coefficient is generated randomly. If you guess the right coefficient, you will be credited with the funds. If you guess the wrong coefficient, you will have to buy back your bet because you have lost. The same number of rounds is played and the coefficient is generated at random. An equivalent to the Aviator game is the Aviator Spribe game. In this variant of the well-known game, you do not have to take bets.

Claim Your Riches

If you choose to lose 1% for every 1$, then the minimum cash out will be 1000$. The game currency in the Aviator game is ETH, and the minimum to the maximum cash out is 0.0001 ETH. The most important thing is not to overdo it.

Savor Slot Delights

If you visit the casino, you will see how the bonus is divided between the deposit and the bonus. If you choose to check the bonuses in the casino, you will find out how the bonuses are distributed. Apart from the game, the company offers the ability to play the game of Aviator free of charge in any situation. The task is to correctly guess the coefficient at which the plane flies away. The formula of the coefficient is rather simple. If you have $ 2, then the plane is flying at 1x, and if you have $ 100, the plane is flying at 5x.

Maximize Slot Gains

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Do not hesitate to change the coefficient on the game. If the coefficient is set too high, the AI will be able to reduce the rate of multiplication. Too low a multiplier will lead to a decrease in play, so you need to set this coefficient with care. The best is to use it to set a base rate for the round. You can set a coefficient of 10x, 20x, 30x, etc.

We have multiplied the coefficient by 2x, 3x, and 4x since the start of the game. If you keep the plane flying, it will continue growing in the next round. You can see the course of the multiplier in the screen below. Don’t be afraid to use the benefit of the opportunity to learn to play the dice game. The process of the game is simple and you can easily find the end. The simplicity of the game creates the opportunity to learn to play the dice game.

To pay attention to winning with the help of bonuses, it is recommended to use the deposit method and register at the game using a bonus code. You can play Aviator on the web-site of GRAVITY SLOT. GRAVITY SLOT is one of the most popular aviator game online casinos, and it is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao. You can play any kind of games here, such as casino games, slot games and poker games. Registration in GRAVITY SLOT is very simple and takes just a few seconds.

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In order to do that, you need to enter a bonus code, which you will find on the site. The bonus must be claimed within 48 hours from the time of joining. Aviator India welcome all sports and betting fans to their website. The company offers all of the services that are available on the world’s most popular betting sites. On the Aviator India website, you can find a huge selection of sports and betting markets.

The game in one of the most advanced in the category. Aviator is a slot machine that allows you to earn, and to maximize the profits in the game. The gameplay in the game does not change, but the theme is very pretty.

According to the data, the player is more likely to win when playing the Aviator than playing reels. The player will do the same thing until the multiplier is big enough, and then press the buyback button. The game is based on a progressive jackpot, so all players who bet online casino Aviator win a bonus of 50% of the total bet. The progressive jackpot is added to the bet in the same round and grows every round. Each round, the amount of the bonus grows at the rate of the amount of the the bet.