Kappa Meme: 9 Facts About Twitch’s Most Famous Emote

Kappa is a grayscale photo of Josh DeSeno, a former employee of Justin.tv, a website created in 2007 to allow anyone to broadcast videos online. One part of Justin.tv became hugely popular—its gaming section. After the emoji was discovered on Twitch by users, it quickly became a symbol of displaying sarcasm in chats, perhaps due to the apparent smugness of the expression. Twitch is now one of the most-popular streaming platforms on the internet, and is something of a cultural phenomenon. Justin.tv was an extremely-popular video streaming website way back in 2009.

  1. The brand faded into the dark for a bit, but seems to be appearing online again.
  2. Luckily for us, it was a common tradition for Justin.tv staff members to sneak in emotes based on themselves.
  3. KappaClaus, a holiday variation of the original, and KappaPride have since been developed.

The term “kappa” is a slang term that originated in the gaming community, particularly on Twitch. It is used to indicate sarcasm or to emphasize a sarcastic comment. The term is commonly used in chat conversations on Twitch.tv and has become a popular and significant face emoticon on the platform. Kappa is the name of , an emote used in chats on the streaming video platform Twitch. Luckily for us, it was a common tradition for Justin.tv staff members to sneak in emotes based on themselves.

Kappa is a Twitch emote that is generally used to relay sarcasm or as an “eye-roll” response to something the Twitch streamer says or does on screen. Known as a “troll” emote, Kappa is often spammed in chat when someone is sarcastic or checking interactive brokers introducing broker to see if they have the Golden Kappa. As Twitch steadily gained in popularity in the early 2010s, so, too, did Kappa. Kappa started appearing on Twitter (in the text-based form #Kappa) in 2011 thanks to Twitch users and Twitch’s own account.

What is the Kappa 123 meme?

One of those additions was emotes, fun little images users could share in chat. To make the platform unique, staff images were turned into emotes as a quirky kind of Easter egg. DeSeno has explained that he was a huge fan of Japanese mythology and named his emote Kappa, after the turtle-like, Japanese water spirit of the same name. Kappa is a Twitch chat emote used to convey sarcasm and sometimes used to troll others. It is a grayscale picture of Josh DeSeno, who at that time worked for Justin.tv., the website whose gaming section was later separated and rebranded as Twitch.

The term kappa originated as a Twitch emote featuring the face of Josh DeSeno, a former Justin.tv staff member. It has since become a popular trolling meme in the gaming community. If a sentence ends with “kappa,” it should not be taken seriously.

Golden Kappa Emote

By mid-2016 and into 2017, users would spam the screen with TriHard whenever a black streamer appeared, often punctuating racist remarks made in-chat. He argued that banning the emote meant the bad actors won when there was nothing obscene or offensive about the emote’s conception. It is actually a term used in the gaming community, especially on Twitch, to accentuate a sarcastic comment. It is often used at the end of a sentence and should not be taken seriously.

In 2009, engineer Josh DeSeno was hired to work on Twitch’s chat client. It was a common tradition at the time for Justin.tv employees to sneak in emotes (special emoticon- or emoji-like characters) based on themselves. DeSeno was no exception, and created an emote based on a grayscaled version of his face from his employee ID. According to StreamElements Chat Stats, https://traderoom.info/ Kappa is the ninth top Twitch emote in use and has been sent over one billion times on Twitch. Different variations of Kappa including KappaPride, MiniK, KappaHD, or KappaRoss were added to the streaming site over the years, further adding to the Twitch emote’s popularity. What’s most interesting about LuL, however, are the multiple variations that it’s birthed.

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DeSeno was no exception, using his employee ID to make what is now used on average a million times a day by twitch users alone. According to Know Your Meme, DeSeno was hired to work on the Twitch chat client in 2009 and keeping with tradition at the startup, added an emote based on himself on the site. The now-dissolved Justin.tv started off in 2007 when entrepreneur Justin Kan started livestreaming his daily life 24/7 through a webcam mounted on his head. The website allowed anyone to broadcast their video online for free through channels.

It seems to have originated as a Twitch emote and has since become a widely recognized term in the gaming community. His ID badge photo, rendered in greyscale, became the face we now recognize as the Kappa emote. Instead, it became a symbol with its own Kappa meme meaning, separate from the man himself. The Golden Kappa emote is an easter egg on the Twitch platform.

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In Japan, Kappa refers to mythical creatures known to lure people to lakes. It’s a fun tidbit that adds another layer to the emote’s rich history. The “Kappa Guy” is Josh Deseno, a former employee of then Justin.tv (later Twitch) who was responsible for uploading the Twitch global emotes.

How did one face become the face of Twitch?

This is how many people describe Billy Herrington, a former adult film star, who gained notoriety after one of his videos went viral on a site called Nico Nico Douga. GachiGASM is, well, based on a photo of Herrington’s face during orgasm. The emote is used to express a sense of deep pleasure over something that happens on screen, hence the “GASM” attached to the end of the emote name.

There is no other way to convey how very “kappa” something is than by completely spamming the discussion with it. This article contains all the information about what is kappa twitch. DeSeno chose to use a greyscaled version of his Employee ID and named it “Kappa”, after a turtle-like Japanese water spirit.